Live Weight vs Hanging Weight vs Boxed/Packaged Weight


Currently our GO Farms Beef Shares are pasture raised with no hormones added and finished on grain ration. Before making your first beef share order, it's important to understand the different weight measures and how they affect the overall cost of your order. First time buyers who don't already understand the weight measures often find themselves surprised that the weight of the meat they bring home (boxed weight) is different than the weight of the animal before butchering (live weight) and during dry-aging (hanging weight). We recommend you familiarize yourself with the following information and be sure to ask any questions you have before purchasing to avoid any confusion at

  • Live Weight: Walking around weight of the live animal.

  • Hanging Weight: This is the weight of the butchered animal as it hangs in the locker to dry age. This weight does not include the head, hide, hooves, blood and innards, which have been removed.

  • Boxed/Packaged Weight: This is the net weight of the meat you will receive that is packaged and ready for your freezer. The reduced weight here is attributed to the cutting and trimming of fat, connective tissue, bone, etc., as well as moisture lost during the dry aging process. This weight varies dependent upon the cuts of meat included and any additional package options, e.g. bones, fat and offal.

Our GO Farms Quarter Beef Shares are approximately $5.00/LB, the estimated final price is between $925.00 and $1075.00 and the estimated final weight is between 185 and 215 lbs. Final price is determined by final weight. Our Quarter Beef Share price is based off of hanging weight and includes processing fees. Final packaged weight received is approximately 60% of hanging weight. The premium, pasture raised, no hormone added beef is grain finished and will be dry-aged at least 14 days prior to processing. All meat cuts are vacuum sealed for the greatest freshness!

**Overall, hanging weight is about 60% of live weight and the packaged weight is more like 50% of hanging.


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