Made in Oklahoma

GO Farms is proud to announce that we are a “Made in Oklahoma” product! All of GO Farms premium quality beef is raised right here in Oklahoma and processed in Oklahoma! Below is all the information about Made in Oklahoma and how to become a Made in Oklahoma Product.



Created for Oklahoma’s entrepreneurs, the Made In Oklahoma Program focuses on economic growth and development. It is a free-to-join program intended for small businesses who grow, process or manufacture a good within Oklahoma. All products, whether they are a food item or a handcrafted good, are welcome so long as they are made in our state.
Being a member of the program provides benefits such as: being featured on social media, listed on our website, free use of our logo, cost-share marketing at events and more. The following are a few of the major events members can be a part of at a significantly reduced cost: Oklahoma State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa Home and Garden Show and Ag Day at the Capitol. Retail locations who sell Made in Oklahoma products are also welcomed to join, and benefit from being a member of the program.

If you grow, process, manufacture, or sell products that are made in Oklahoma, consider joining the Made in Oklahoma program! There program is 100% free to join and provides economic development opportunities such as cost-share assistance at events, promotion through social media, printed advertising materials, use of our logo and more. 

All information above is sourced from the Made in Oklahoma Website.

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