Who is GO Farms & What do you Sell?

GO Farms is a family-owned cattle farm in Oklahoma, we believe hunters and farmers are the greatest conservationists and we take serious our God-given environmental stewardship command to “subdue” the earth. We believe in responsible farming to include Animal Welfare and Good Agricultural Practices. Our farm practices include low till, pasture raised and rotationally grazed herd management.

GO Farms sells Beef Shares - (Quarters, Sides, Whole Beef), specialty Beef Bundle boxes and Individual Cuts as available. Our herd is grass fed, grain finished with NO hormones (see item for specific finish). We will be selling 100% grass fed by end of 2022.


What Certifications does GO Farms have?

  • Beef Quality Assurance Certified

  • Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division License Number: DCSW-453

  • Made in Oklahoma member

  • Oklahoma Cattleman's Association member


What do you feed your Cattle?

Our cattle are pasture raised. They forage on natural grasses, winter wheatgrass, and are rotated on pasture to allow optimal grazing and care of the pasture. They are supplemented with protein cubes in the winter as needed. Calves are born in pasture and with momma for 90 days. During this time of nursing, free water and forage are readily available.

Because our beef is pasture raised from birth to butcher, its primary source of food is grass. We are not a feedlot. We offer both grass and grain finished beef. We typically feed grain the last 110-140 days prior to butchering. Cattle become less efficient, less able to convert feed to muscle or meat, as they age. Grain contains more energy allowing cattle to maintain greater growth rates when compared to feeding only grass or forage. However, grass finished beef is leaner, and studies show it tends to be richer in antioxidants and omega 3 fat. However, most experts now say the health value difference between grass and grain finishing is negligible.

The better question is, "how is this beef raised”? Because we raise locally in a sustainable, agriculturally and animal welfare conscious husbandry, you can know and trust that GO Farms beef is far superior to any chain grocer beef. Each inventory item will be designated grass or grain finished. Grass finished is also called 100% grass.


Do you use any hormones, antibiotics our vaccines on your Cattle?

As a part of our Herd Health Plan, we use biologicals such as vaccines to aid in the prevention of common viral and bacterial diseases. Weaning causes stress on calves. To mitigate the negative effects of this, we precondition the calves. Preconditioning is a part of our Herd Health Plan and includes immunization against respiratory diseases prior to weaning and providing medicated feed consisting of roughage, minerals, and FDA-approved medication to prevent disease.

The use of antibiotics is very judicious. Therapeutic antimicrobial use is limited to sick or at-risk animals after other therapeutic options have been considered. No hormones to increase growth or size are used.


What is hanging weight and why are beef shares charged by it?

When talking about beef there are 3 weights to discuss. Live weight, hanging weight, and final weight. Live weight is the weight of the live animal prior to butchering, also called “on the hoof". Hanging weight is is the weight the butcher determines and “hangs” after removing the head, hide, hooves, blood, viscera, lungs, and heart. Hanging weight is typically about 60% of live weight. Final weight is the packaged take-home weight after the beef has hung for at least 14 days. During hanging the beef loses moisture weight of approx 4%. During the cutting process, bone, cartilage, and fat removal account for an additional 30-35% loss. Therefore, the final weight is typically 60% of the hanging weight. We pre-sell beef shares based on the hanging weight because it is the most economical for the customer and owner and allows the customer to “custom cut”. Individual cuts are sold at a flat price. While beef shares are an upfront investment, in the end, you will be paying less than if you purchased each individual cut at a flat price.


If I order a Beef Share can I have it cut the way I want?

If you only order 1 Quarter Share your share will be cut to the Butchers Standard Cut List. Order more than 1 GO Farms Quarter Beef Share and you can have your order Custom Cut. Just fill out our Custom Cut form at the bottom of the item description in our online store & email it to us.

Standard Cut List :

Arm Roast (2-3 lb)

Chuck Roast (2-3 lb)

Rump Roast (2-3 lb)

Ribeye Steaks, Boneless, 1” thick, 2/package

NY Strip, 1” thick, 2/package

Filet, 1" thick, 2/package

Round Steak, Tenderized

Sirloin Steaks, ¾” thick, 2/package

Sirloin Tip Steaks, ¾” thick, 2/package

Ground Beef 1 lb packages, vacuum sealed

Short Ribs

Soup Bones


Stew Meat 1 lb packages, 5 lb total

Flank Steak

Skirt Steak

Dog Bones


Does GO Farms have Wholesale Prices?

Yes we do! Contact us at and ask us about our Wholesale Pricing!


How is your beef products packaged / sealed?

Our product is vacuum sealed.


What Butchers do you use and what is their Location & Business Hours?

Homestead Meats & Processing
9860 Old NE Hwy 33, Coyle, Ok 73044,
Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 3pm


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