Benefits of Buying a Beef Share

GO Farms offers Quarter, Side (Half) & Whole Beef Shares. Our Beef Shares’ final price will be determined by final weight, the price is based off of hanging weight and includes processing fees. The estimated final weight is between 650 and 850 lbs. Final packaged weight received is approximately 60% of hanging weight. Our premium, pasture raised, no added hormone, 100% grass fed beef will be dry-aged at least 14 days prior to processing. All meat is vacuum sealed for the greatest freshness. Read more about a few reasons why buying meat in bulk makes sense:

More Economical - A side of Grass-Fed Angus Beef from a local farm which includes all cuts of beef from roasts and tenderloins, to stew beef and ground beef, plus lessor known cuts such as Hanger Steak or Skirt Steak varies depending on the cost per pound depending on your location.

Know What You're Getting - When you buy your beef from a local farm, you know how their livestock is raised:  

        • Humanely on Pasture

        • Grass-Fed

        • No Added Growth Hormones

It’s Freezer Ready -  It is already vacuumed sealed by the butcher / processor and ready for your freezer!

It Lasts a Long Time - Depending on family size, a side of beef lasts up to a year or more

You Decide the Beef Cuts - When you order a side of beef from a local farm, you can chose the cuts you want from a "cut sheet" typically provided by the farmer or butcher. This is also based on the processor used. 

Use It All - You may receive some beef bones with your side of beef. If you do, use them to make nourishing Beef Bone Broth and anytime a recipe calls for beef stock, use the bone broth. Use it as a beef base in soups, braising meat, gravies, stews, sauces, and reductions. It can also be used to saute' or roast vegetables. You may also get organs such as Heart, Kidney, Liver or Tongue which have many vitamins and nutrients.

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